Several years ago, a local resident named Morris Wheat, introduced a game called Pickleball to Warrenton and subsequently became the Pickleball “Ambassador-at-Large” to Fauquier County. Morris single-handedly recruited, cajoled and encouraged adults in this area, to get out there on the tennis courts and hit a whiffle ball with a special paddle. A number of these folks had been fervent tennis or racketball players, but due to various physical reasons found that these games were a bit more demanding now that they were older. Enter Pickleball!

Soon Morris had a mixture of dedicated men and women helping him spread the word. Many are still playing in Fauquier county and surrounding communities today.

The group started locally around 2007 on the tennis courts at Auburn Middle School on Riley Road with Maurice and associates getting on hands and knees to chalk lines for Pickleball. Now, in cooperation with Fauquier Parks and Recreation Department, all 3 courts at Auburn school have lines for the game painted on them.