Fauquier County Pickleball Association (FCPA)

November 10th, Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, click to review

Fauquier County Pickleball Association
Annual Meeting
November 17, 2017

At 9:30 AM 14 members were present; quorum met. The following was discussed:

1) Large Member Turnouts at Vint Hill

-New members – advised to go to website and read by-laws
-Purpose of FCPA – to create an environment to enjoy pickleball, not to develop competitive (tournament) players
-By-laws state members should choose which court suits the level they want to play at
-If you typically play on the more competitive court 1, you should not play as competitive when playing down on Courts 2 and/or 3
-Regular members should advise competitive players on Courts 2 and 3 to take it easy and not to slam (bang) the ball

2) Paddles/Paddle Rack/game points

-Paddle Rack Is to be used when waiting for a court to open
-When 20 or more players, games should go to 9 points instead of 11
-Place paddles in two stacks of four; move from left to right before removing to play
-Joyce or Susan will make a sign to clarify this
-Players need to be aware of what’s going on while waiting so you don’t lose your place
Bob will ask members to put a name tag on their paddle

  • Bob is working with Michelle/Vint Hill to replace old, noisy fan on second level
  • Floor – meeting 10 days ago with Parks & Rec. Dept.; they are open to Bob’s plan for repairing one court as a test case

3) Membership /Additional Playing Time

-FCPA needs to continue to bring in new players
-Members can help by passing the word onto friends and neighbors
-The board will revisit the possibility of Tuesday/Thursday morning play at Vint Hill
-The board will seek and hour extension on Wednesdays for newcomer instruction

4) Elections

-Current officers and board members are willing to continue in their office
-There were no nominations from the floor
-Upon a unanimous vote; the following officers and board members were elected (terms are for two years):
President: Bob Najjar
Vice President: Bob Moe
Treasurer: Susan Ramey
Secretary: Randy Mantiply
Board Members: Paul Shaya, Karen Gray
Board Member Ex Officio: Charles Bachelor, Mike Bruck