Selkirk’s Omni Amped Paddle

Our ambassador recently signed up for Pickleball Central’s demo paddle review. He received Selkirk’s Omni Amped paddle. It was a good thing too, because the paddle I was recently using actually broke at the handle last week. I previously played with the original Omni, so I have a pretty good basis for comparison with the new Amped line. I played for about six hours with the Amped Omni.

For those that don’t know, the Omni is an elongated paddle. It has a shorter handle so as not to sacrifice too much width. The Amped version uses Selkirk’s new FiberFlex technology, which Selkirk claims provides power without sacrificing control. I immediately noticed an increased pop off the paddle that you don’t get with the original Omni (or other paddles, for that matter). But even with the extra power/pop, I didn’t notice any control issues. I have a weak grip, so I typically apply a large over grip and wear a glove. When using a paddle with a standard grip, after a hard return, the paddle will turn slightly in my hand, affecting the next shot. Playing with the Amped Omni, I did not feel the paddle turning without an over grip. I did have difficulty getting under the ball to scoop it up for third shot drops. I believe this results from it being an elongated paddle.

It certainly doesn’t affect play, but everyone noticed the paddle’s thickness. This may also contribute to the core’s absorption of the ball’s impact. Even with the extra thickness, it’s still a very light paddle. If you don’t mind the shorter handle, the paddle feels very good in your hand. The Omni Amped X5 provided me power without sacrificing control. Due to its elongated size, the handle is shorter. If you have a large hand, it will be an adjustment. I was able to perform dinks, power smashes, volleys, serves, and lobs with this paddle. (RM)

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