Guidelines for pickleball play at Vint Hill during morning and evening sessions:

  1. Three courts are available for our use. They are identified as follows: Court 1 (closest to reception desk); Advance play, more aggressive and competitive; Court 2 (middle); Intermediate play, maybe less aggressive and Court 3 (far right); Recreational play, also for beginners.
  2. On days when we have a large turnout, (exceeding 12 players), there will be a rack located on the bench in front of the pool table.  Please place your paddle on one of the three marked shelves to indicate which court you would like to play on when it becomes available.
  3. On days when players exceed 20, we will play 9-point games until we get down to 20 players.
  4. Requests for players wishing to play together, can be entertained at 11:00 AM.  By this time, many members may have left, leaving courts available for this accommodation.
  5. Players are reminded that pickleball played at all of our venues is governed by our “By-Laws” under the section on “Pickleball Play.”* These rules are consistent with our agreement with the Fauquier County Parks and Recreation Department, as well as the USAPA. All FCPA members accept these rules.
  6. The association does not rate any of our members. Our web site has an option which you can select that will display a rating chart which you can review. We follow a self-rating method. Each player should assess their own skills and consider the type of game they want to participate in. Please place your paddle on the shelf which identifies with the game type you wish to play.
  7. The above rules do not account for every situation. You are requested to adhere to the spirit of these rules as well. Our overriding concern is for the safety and enjoyment of all our members. Please see any of our Board Members with any issues or concerns you may have.  There are usually one or two board members at the courts.


*ARTICLE 2 – Pickleball PLAY

Pickleball play will comply with the rules established by the USA Pickleball Association.

Players must have the opportunity to play pickleball in a friendly setting.  To give everyone a chance to play as much as possible during scheduled hours, a rotation system will be used.

When possible, courts will be scheduled so as to offer players of similar ability the opportunity to play together.  To accommodate more advanced players who would like to play a harder, more aggressive game, one court will be designated as an advanced-play court.  Anyone can play on that court as long as they are willing to play a faster, more aggressive game than on the other courts and demonstrate a commensurate level of play.