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Team Ladder League

There will be two team ladder leagues starting in mid-May. Basically, you sign up with a partner and each week you will play a match against another team and either move up or down depending on the results. You must sign up with a partner; we will not be matching people up. You can post on the General Chat if you are looking for a partner though.  Signup ends on 5/10 so we have time to make the starting order and any other adjustments. 

3.0-4.0 Team Ladder: Starts 5/16 and runs Tuesday evenings at 5:30pm.  Runs a total of seven weeks ending with a tournament on 6/27.

2.5-3.0 Team Ladder: Starts 5/18 and runs Thursday evenings at 5:30pm.  Runs a total of seven weeks ending with a tournament on 6/29.

As for rating levels, you are welcome to sign up for either of the ladders.  You can even sign up for both!  However, the competition committee has the right to move or remove you if you are either over-qualified for a ladder, or you signed up for two ladders and one of the ladders has a waitlist.  In general, if you played in last week’s 2.5-3.0 tournament you are fine to sign up for the 2.5-3.0 Ladder and some players could certainly sign up for both. 

If we have a waitlist for either ladder, it may be necessary to split the evening into two shifts (e.g. 5-6:30 and 6:30-8) and reduce the matches to 2 out of 3.  See attachment for more details on the ladder.


June 3, 2023: DUPR Max Combined Tournament

We will be hosting our first summer tournament on June 3 at 9am at Auburn MS.  Details are in the attachment but here are the highlights:

  1. You will sign up individually but will have a chance to choose a partner about 10 days before the tournament. You will play with your partner for the whole tournament.
  2. We will use DUPR ratings to define Pool A and Pool B.
  3. Once sign ups close on 5/24, all the players will be sorted by DUPR rating. The average DUPR rating of the top half of the players will be doubled to determine the maximum combined rating for any team in pool A. The same will be done with the bottom half of the players to determine the max combined rating for pool B. For example, if we have 24 total players, and the average rating of the top half is 3.6 and the average of the bottom half is 3.1, the max combined rating for pool A is 7.2 and 6.2 for Pool B.  
  4. Once this is determined, you can pick any player to be your partner as long as you don’t exceed the max combined rating for that pool.
  5. IMPORTANT: Where you rank in the players DOES NOT determine what pool you play in; For example, you can be 3.6 and play in pool B with a 2.6 player or be 3.0 and play with a 4.0 in pool A.
  6. There is a max difference of 1.0 between partners.

The tournament itself will be pool play followed by double-elimination.  The idea of this format is to allow players to select their own partners but still have some parity to keep games fun.

You’re welcome to select a partner ahead of 5/24 but you may exceed the max combined rating once it’s determined.

Sign up is at:

As always, the tournament is free to FCPA members but you must be current in dues for 2023.