Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources and Links

Here are a few resources you may find useful to broaden your pickleball knowledge and skills. We offer these as starting points only; you’ll find much more information online and in print.

Fauquier County Pickleball: Member Information and Waiver

1. USA Pickleball Association.
USAPA is the national governing body for the sport of pickleball in the U.S; it provides players with official rules, tournaments, rankings and promotional materials. USAPA also has published COVID-19 Guidance on Safe Return to Play.

2. Official Rules.
Not sure if you or your opponent committed a fault in the “kitchen” or on the serve? Then pull out the official rulebook to answer your questions – or settle disputes. You may download a free PDF or purchase a durable spiral-bound hard copy of the USAPA/IFP official rulebook here.  (Note:  IFP, the International Federation of Pickleball, has adopted the USAPA rulebook.)

3. Pickleball Magazine.
Read for free online or subscribe to USAPA’s official magazine of pickleball. According to USAPA: “Pickleball Magazine has never been more illustrated: intensity, passion, meaning, insights, tournaments, products. Pickleball Magazine covers it all and goes out to over 100K readers every issue.”

4. Skill Ratings.
View comprehensive definitions to help you self-assess your pickleball skill rating – a must if you plan to compete in tournaments.

5. Video Tips and Lessons.
On YouTube you’ll find a potpourri of pickleball videos. We think you’ll find many of them entertaining and instructive. As with all YouTube content, these are unfiltered individual suggestions and opinions. You should use your discretion in assessing them. FCPA does not endorse any specific YouTube content provider.

6. Pickleball Equipment and Accessories.
Go to (a family-run business) to see a full range of quality pickleball products. The site also provides extensive guides and explanations to aid in equipment selection. Enter the code “CRFCPA” at checkout to receive a 5 percent FCPA member discount. (Each time you use the discount, our association also will receive a 5 percent credit to use on balls, etc.)

Paddle Recommendations – we have included a PDF that might help you with purchasing a paddle.  This is designed mainly for beginners but it can be helpful to anyone trying to navigate the purchase of a new paddle.  

Paddle Recommendations

7. Auburn Courts — How to Set Up and Take Down Nets.

Here is a short video to assist players with setting up and taking down nets at the Auburn Middle School Courts: